The Mice Aren't the Only Thing Keeping Me Awake At Night

by Impromptu

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released February 12, 2016

Swadley Studio
Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Impromptu Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: With You
I would rather do nothing with you
Then do anything at all
Do you remember?

It might be you
Or the empty pit in my stomach
I would rather do nothing with you
Then do anything at all
Do you remember?
Track Name: Curse
Just because you say you miss me
Doesn't mean its true
You can only change yourself
you can't change those around you
I can't change you
But I'll still love you

Used to this curse
But it still hurts

I just wanted to be there
Like your father never was for you
Sorry if its hurtful
This isn't generosity
We all core differently
Track Name: The Holidays
It snowed last night
I think the weather coincided with the distance between us
Because it was the first time of the year
Right when things were falling apart

Was it worth it?
Anxious thoughts and cold sheets
What were we supposed to be?
Was it worth it?

This is probably how he felt while you were fucking me
Am I the contribution to the same reason why this died
You hate these self-deprecated comments
If you wont tell me what went wrong who is to blame

What happened?
What happened to all the pillow talk?
I thought we promised
Things wouldn’t ever get so bad

The indistinct coldness that implemented in my chest
Was never a concern to you
I don’t think I have ever learned
I guess this is goodbye
Track Name: This Can't Be It
Track Name: Pain Killers
Im sorry
What kind of kid am I?
Leaving you there
To grow old and die
Im sorry
I haven't been there
I promise one day
loneliness fades away